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A big ‘harumph!’ directed at youth

Good for you, Jennifer Graham, for calling out millennials on their intolerable laziness and shameless reliance upon their parents in your Nov. 4 op-ed “A generation of idle trophy kids.”

How dare these young Americans — spoiled by technology, of course — complain about unemployment when there are thousands of unpaid internships and low-paying jobs ripe for the taking? To think they expect that incurring titanic debt for a college education will ensure an actual career, instead of a collection of jobs for which they were qualified after high school. The nerve!

Haven’t they heard? The recession is over. Getting a job is as easy as going online, filling out hundreds of applications, waiting months (while filling out more applications and working the Macy’s stockroom), then clinching an interview with the one shady company that actually responds. Alternatively, millennials can find employment through the sheer luck of knowing a guy who knows a guy.


These deplorable millennial character traits couldn’t possibly be the result of an oversaturated, rapidly shifting workforce. Come, let us continue to help millennials see the errors of their ways by publishing even more opinion pieces about how intrinsically terrible they are. Our dogged persistence could only change them for the better, instead of continuing to erode the self-esteem of a generation notable for heightened stress, anxiety, and depression — conditions caused, no doubt, by rap music, violent video games and, of course, recreational soccer trophies.

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So get to work, you ruffians! My latte won’t froth itself.

Grant Davis