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letters | Looking to a new Boston

Key ingredient to a richer landscape: great walking environment

Sunday’s wonderful big ideas for our “new new Boston,” whether a rejuvenated night life, 21st-century bus service, third-graders ready for learning, or a new mecca for art, will all be better with one key ingredient: WALKING.

A great walking environment is the secret sauce. It will let Bostonians get to and from nights on the town and access public transit; let children walk safely to parks and schools; and let art patrons flock to new exhibitions.

WalkBoston hopes that as our next mayor, Martin Walsh will appoint a director to oversee retiming traffic signals to provide safe and convenient street crossings; slow traffic in busy retail areas, on residential streets, and near schools and parks; make sure that all of our streets and sidewalks comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act; improve sidewalk snow clearance; and work with the MBTA and state Department of Conservation and Recreation and Department of Transportation to provide marked crosswalks at all bus stops.


Boston will be healthier, wealthier, and wiser for it.

Wendy Landman
Executive director