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MBTA record: Mattapan or bust

Adham Fisher set a record for riding the entire Boston subway system.Nicolaus Czarnecki/METRO

The British are coming! But relax; they're taking the T. On Monday, Adham Fisher, 29, of Leicester, England, rode the entire Boston subway system in just over eight hours, fulfilling his goal of setting a new record. Surrendering the city record to a foreigner might hurt if more Bostonians knew such competitions existed. In fact, the only previous race over the whole system was by a group of MIT students, who set the previous record of 12 hours in June.

Turns out, though, that in Britain competitive train-riding is a thing: Some competitors have tried dozens of times to break the Guinness record for riding the entire London underground. Fisher himself has attempted the Tube Challenge eight times, and also raced through the Chicago, Toronto, Madrid, New York, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Paris systems. He was enthusiastic enough about the T attempt to shave the system's logo into his head.


A fare's a fare, and if Fisher leads a charge of Brits using the Boston subways as a racecourse, the T will happily take their money. And if they can turn the T's idiosyncrasies into an international attraction — how many other cities have quirks like the Mattapan trolley? — then so much the better.