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Kerry needs our vocal support as he brokers Mideast peace

Yes, Secretary of State John Kerry does indeed deserve kudos for his yeoman efforts to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, as the Jan. 3 editorial “Kerry’s tenacious diplomacy offers hope for Mideast peace” observes. He also deserves, and needs, the support of the American people and Congress.

A just and lasting peace — one that is fair to both Palestinians and Israelis, that will be sustainable, and that will inevitably require tough concessions on both sides — is in our national interest. Given how tenuous negotiations are at this crucial moment, it would behoove our leaders — both our elected leaders in Washington and our Jewish, Muslim, and Christian community leaders — to make clear to their counterparts in Israel and Palestine that this opportunity for peace needs to be seized, and not missed.

Kerry is indeed doing a remarkable job, but his success may well depend on how clear a message we, individually and collectively, send from this side of the Atlantic.

Michael Felsen

Jamaica Plain