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Now let’s start seeing signs without mayor’s name on them

Thank you for your Jan. 8 editorial “OBSOLETE SIGNS: don’t repeat the problem,” about how Mayor Menino had plastered his name on signs throughout Boston. I became a Boston resident five years ago, and laughed in disbelief when I first saw all this look-at-me signage. I wondered whether I was the only one who felt this way. It really is a joke to see politicians attempt to immortalize themselves by highlighting their names on public property, signs, and vehicles.

Besides the self-promotion, this practice creates brand recognition for future elections, putting politicians’ names out before the public, but at the public’s cost.

Hopefully Mayor Walsh will cease this embarrassing practice now that he is in office. What happened to the GREATER good?

As Herb Brooks, coach of the US men’s hockey team in the 1984 Olympics, stated so obviously and correctly: The name on the front of the jersey is a lot more important than the one on the back.

R.A. Polich