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letters | a new operator for state’s commuter rail

Here’s hoping new hand at helm leads to timely trains

I’ve had a fairly positive experience with the MBTA’s commuter rail for nearly 30 years. With a home-based public relations business, I use the train and the Red Line for meetings, receptions, theater, and classes in Boston and Cambridge. It’s a bonus living near Canton Junction, with both the Stoughton and Providence lines at my disposal.

However, on Jan. 8, I waited for more than an hour in 10-degree weather for the 5:55 p.m. train from Providence to Boston to start a class in Back Bay. A fellow commuter checked the commuter rail website on his phone and found an alert that our train was delayed 30 to 45 minutes. When the train had not come by 6:50, we ran with frozen feet across to the Stoughton track to catch the 6:52, and I arrived an hour late for my class. Now I must rearrange my schedule to take the 5:10, because the train is completely unreliable.


The Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad has had years to make the trains run on time. Kudos to the MBTA for giving Keolis Commuter Services a chance to do the job right, and hopefully win back commuters who have been driven to their cars.

Sherry Alpert