harsh light on clinton, christie

Keep heat turned up over Benghazi

Joan Vennochi should take a bow for suggesting that Hillary Clinton deserves the same level of scrutiny in her role in the Benghazi disaster as Chris Christie is getting over bridge lane closures (“Clinton deserves Christie-level scrutiny,” Op-ed, Jan. 19). According to the recent report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Benghazi attacks were preventable, and, yes, Clinton should be held accountable. Furthermore, she and the Obama administration should be held accountable for their talking points following the attacks — that it was a spontaneous event in reaction to an offensive video.

Gregory Hicks, former deputy chief of mission in Libya, testified before the Senate in May that it was immediately evident that this was not a spontaneous uprising, but a terrorist attack. He was there and in communication with Ambassador Chris Stevens during the initial attack. Yet, following his testimony, Hicks was intimidated and demoted.

The entire Obama administration should be held accountable not only for deadly, inadequate security, but for misleading the world about it for political gain.

Carol Ruplenas