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    Emotions stirred in Pelletier case

    RE “TEEN in long custody battle to move again ” (Page A1, Feb. 25):

    One parent screaming in the courthouse, the other carted off on a stretcher after collapsing — both, I’m sure, having been warned by lawyers yet again not to make a scene, so as to make a good impression on the judge. Yet the public is certain that releasing Justina Pelletier to her parents is better than foster care. It’s all a diabolical conspiracy between the Department of Children and Families and the medical establishment, and now the judge is in on it, too, right?



    Since when did parents have to be perfect to maintain custody of their children? Just because someone gets overly emotional does not make them a child abuser. There are cultural differences in how people react to stress, and anger and being melodramatic do not equal being abusive. Look at you, passing judgment on these parents who have been through tremendous stress. How would you react if a child were taken from you?