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letters | long road to the Democratic ballot in Massachusetts

Marisa DeFranco volunteer knows what it’s like to be elbowed out

Joan Vennochi’s excellent Feb. 23 op-ed column, “An insider’s game for Democrats,” tells it like it is.

I worked hard on the Marisa DeFranco campaign when she was running for US Senate in 2012. I know how undemocratic this state’s Democratic Party is, on too many levels.

First I spent hours as part of a group of volunteers that acquired more than 14,000 signatures — 10,000 were required — for DeFranco. Then I ran in my town’s caucus, which was openly hostile to anyone other than supporters of Elizabeth Warren being elected to attend as a delegate. Then I attended the convention in Springfield, a long drive from my home, and what a circus that was. I recall Michael Dukakis shaking DeFranco supporters’ hands and saying not to vote for her that day because it was for the party’s good not to have a primary.


DeFranco is now campaigning for Congress in the Sixth Congressional District in a primary against an entrenched Democrat, and I am supporting her. We know that, at least this time, when we acquire the required number of signatures on nomination papers, there will be a primary that will inform and educate the public and inspire voters to actually get out there and vote for a real change.

Jean Palmer