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Caucuses a step forward in fostering civic involvement

In her op-ed column “An insiders’ game for Democrats,” Joan Vennochi is critical of Democrats’ process of selecting candidates.

At the Massachusetts Democratic Party, we believe in civic engagement and organizing. Over many years, we’ve proved that the best way to make our democracy stronger is through person-to-person contact and values-based, ideas-driven conversations about the direction of our Commonwealth.

Because Massachusetts Democrats are used to having one-on-one conversations with our candidates, caucuses are the first organizing tool for campaigns and cultivate the type of grass-roots energy needed to win in November.

Caucuses are the great equalizer in politics. Outside influences, including much-maligned campaign money, are irrelevant. Caucuses represent the most fundamental element of our democracy: organizing.

All too often, the horse-race coverage of politics is dictated by polls and campaign donations. Strong performances in caucuses can change the way a candidate is judged and catapult a candidate to prominence who may have otherwise been ignored. Just ask Deval Patrick.


Right now people across the world are demanding democracy. Caucuses are a great first step in fostering more involvement in our democratic process. As an open process that encourages all registered Democrats to participate, caucuses level the playing field. The Massachusetts Democratic Party is doing its part by hosting more than 540 of these meetings.

Thomas M. McGee
Massachusetts Democratic

The writer is a state senator from Lynn.