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letters | long road to the Democratic ballot in Massachusetts

An open political meeting, not a cabal of ‘insiders’

We are writing to challenge Joan Vennochi’s comments about the election process used by the Massachusetts Democratic Party (“An insiders’ game for Democrats”). We recently attended the caucus in Stow. It is an open Democratic Party meeting. Any registered Democrat in attendance can run for one of the delegate or alternate slots. For example, at our caucus, a gentleman who recently moved to Stow was elected. Anyone who is a registered Democrat as of Jan. 31 is eligible to run and vote.

The caucus is not some sort of cabal for “insiders” who take “power away from the people.” Vennochi states that she has never “tried to penetrate or understand” the multiweek caucus process. May we suggest that she attend her own caucus to see what really goes on?

Stephen Dungan
Pamela Weathers