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    letters | a twisting path in the direction of parade accord

    MassEquality is forcing its message on us

    Regarding the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day parade (“Path to compromise is clear for St. Patrick’s Day parade,” Editorial, March 4): MassEquality does not stand for diversity, but the opposite. It is forcing its message on an organization that disagrees with it, so that there is no place left to publicly refuse to endorse homosexuality. MassEquality is putting its principled opponents into the closet.

    If Mayor Walsh were doing his job, he’d march in parades for both groups and expect both sides to be grown-ups and not to complain. The Southie Vets want to have a parade and be left alone. Would the mayor and the Globe ever cram an organization that disagreed with MassEquality into a gay rights parade?

    The single standard behind this double standard is that the gay-rights groups must win every time. Is their any place left where one can publicly disagree with them?


    The Globe should stand up for free speech and support the Southie vets.

    Daniel Dwyer