We’ve failed in our efforts to curb human rights violations

RE “WHERE is our shame?” by Jeff Jacoby (Op-ed, Feb. 26): While the massacres and brutal suppression of freedom in North Korea are most egregious, and we have chosen to look away, certainly our recent lack of action in other nations has not been much better.

In Syria, where early in the rebellion we could have intervened successfully, we stood aside while thousands were murdered by the Bashar Assad regime and more than 2 million fled the country.

Our inaction in the prevention of assaults against human rights in Iran (public executions) and Russia (assassination of critics) has been a blot on our record of supporting democratic principles.


Under the present administration, we have abandoned efforts to condemn human rights violations except in a mild and ineffective manner, leaving our democratic allies to take the lead, but without the wherewithal to make any impact on these criminal nations.

Nelson Marans

Silver Spring, Md.