It will take more than ‘shame’ to rein in regime’s abuses

In his Feb. 26 op-ed “Where is our shame?” Jeff Jacoby suggests that we should feel a “pang of shame,” in the words of a senior editor at The Economist, at our lack of action regarding the horrific situation in North Korea. However, he suggests no possible actions.

Jacoby mentions new financial sanctions, but asserts that they alone would be ineffective. He compares the situation in North Korea to South African apartheid, using vigils outside South African embassies as an example of action. But there is not even a North Korean embassy in this country at which to protest.

What action, short of war, could we take that would possibly free the North Koreans? What more would Jacoby recommend?


Feeling a “pang of shame” in itself does not seem sufficient.

Wanda Paik