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Debate over the path of the prospective college applicant

I think parents are definitely a big part of the problem (“COLLEGE-HUNT climate can bring high-price, high-stress summers”). Many parents want their kid to go to a “sticker school” so they can brag to their friends. You know — those little stickers you buy and stick on the back window of your car so everyone in town will know where your kid is going to school. Whether that particular school is a good fit for their child doesn’t seem to always be a factor.



I am glad I did not do this to my high school senior. She volunteered every summer but still had time for fun and friends. She got accepted into the three state colleges she applied to and got to have a life to boot. Too many of these kids that are pushing this hard burn out. It is hard to maintain that kind of momentum. And when they get to college, they will look around and realize that it is way easier than the path they had to take to get there.



I bagged groceries and did landscaping all summer and then went to UMass in the fall. It actually matters relatively little where you go to college. No matter where you go, there you are. Make the most of the opportunity wherever you go, and if you have the stuff, the world will notice and you’ll do fine.




How did seemingly intelligent people fall prey to the biggest sales con going in this country: College Inc.? The art of the sale is designed for victims to crave the product and then to sell it to them at a grossly inflated price.



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None of it matters after you get your first job. Then, all that matters is job performance. I have hired many people. After the first job, your college and high school activities do not mean very much. Parents are being played by an industry similar to the ways brides are had by the wedding industry.