Themes of ‘Frozen’ warm a mother’s heart

In Ty Burr’s article about the Academy Awards, he called “Frozen” a “box-office hit about sisterly rivalry.” This was an unfortunate misrepresentation of a progressive movie with more feminist themes than ever before from Disney Studios.

The two sisters are not rivals — not over a man, a crown, parental affection, or anything. This is a movie about sisterly love, loyalty, and forgiveness. Disney finally introduces themes women have longed to see modeled for their daughters, such as that the love between sisters is stronger and more important than that of any man, and that you do not have to dress or act like a man or reject your mother or compete against another older woman in order to be yourself and to experience true love.

The Disney writers are even able to laugh at themselves and their long history of promoting love at first sight, underlining the message that “you can’t marry a man you just met.” Any mother of two daughters, like me, would be thrilled to see that, while a kind man stands nearby, the act of true love that heals a frozen heart comes from a fearless, devoted sister.

Bonnie MacDonald