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Rant about gays calls school leader’s suitability into question

In his March 11 letter “A lot of nerve to force secularist vision on us,” Brother Thomas Dalton writes that the Catholic Church “would never force anyone to march with agents of the culture of death, such as abortion providers, the Hemlock Society, or homosexuals.” These words come from the principal of a Catholic school where children are taught and their minds greatly influenced — a level of influence to which I can attest, as I am a product of 12 years of Catholic education.

In this appalling rant, he has called my sister and her wife, my son, my nephew, and countless others “agents of the culture of death.”

I believe Dalton’s words are hate speech, because they are extremely provocative. They speak to those who believe that legal human rights are somehow determined by a person’s sexual orientation.

I urge Cardinal O’Malley to investigate the suitability and other qualifications of Brother Dalton to be in charge of our most important asset: our children.

From his letter, I believe him to be lacking in the virtue deemed most important by the Catholic Church: love.

Maureen Phillips