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Boston architects very much engaged in debate over waterfront’s future

We appreciate Nathan Green’s April 22 letter (“Who will stop the behemoths?”), which asks where the Boston Society of Architects stands on waterfront development. Recent proposals raise a series of challenging questions: How do we encourage economic development while maintaining the open spaces that are critical to urban life? How do we respect Boston’s traditional urban fabric while supporting architectural innovation? Green should rest assured that these questions are being actively debated in a variety of forums.

The BSA is represented, along with 39 other groups, on the Downtown Waterfront Municipal Harbor Planning Advisory Committee. BSA members, through their firms, are working with the Boston Redevelopment Authority on the watersheet activation plan for the Fort Point Channel. These are only two examples of the many efforts that the city and the design community are making to balance a host of competing interests as Boston plans its future.

Interested citizens are welcome to join these conversations at BSA Space, Boston’s center for architecture and design, which hosts exhibitions, lectures, films, and spirited discussions on exactly the questions Green is raising. The best way to ensure the best possible answers is by bringing the public into the debate — at BSA Space, at public meetings, and in the pages of The Boston Globe.


David Eisen
Vice president
for communication
Boston Society of Architects