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First stop on the crackdown tour: North End

Scot Lehigh’s April 30 op-ed column about motorcycle noise in Boston neighborhoods again raises the question of whether the Police Department is committed to addressing this problem. Experience indicates that the answer is no, as only two tickets have been written since a 2009 statute was designed to combat this problem.

Lehigh quotes Police Commissioner William Evans as wanting to address this issue. To demonstrate his commitment, all the commissioner needs to do is station a single officer on Hanover Street in the North End on Saturday nights this summer.

On such occasions, the area often resembles a motorcycle convention. The roar of modified bikes frightens children, spoils evenings out for locals and tourists alike, and tarnishes this historic street. To issue 10 tickets a night would be easy.


Evans has the tools to address this problem, which may be worse in the North End than anywhere else. Now he must act.

C. Alex Hahn