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    Tech community doesn’t need colonies to grow

    There is a conspicuous absence in recent conversations about where tech lives in our city (“Tech colonies bloom,” Op-ed, April 27). Innovation is happening everywhere, not only in a handful of neighborhoods, and we should do more to recognize and celebrate this. As an entrepreneur, I’m used to focusing on potential, so I made a less obvious choice to move my company to the Fenway when we graduated from the incubator TechStars.

    The most important thing for my team when choosing our long-term home was to find an area filled with energy and activity at any time of day. That’s the energy we found in the Fenway, where we decided to move into space in the historic Landmark Center in the heart of the neighborhood’s redevelopment.

    Ultimately, what should matter most to the tech community in Boston isn’t how many “colonies” we have, or where we lease our spaces, but that we are creating a culture of innovation everywhere. That’s a movement I’m proud to be a part of.

    Tom Coburn


    The writer is CEO of Jebbit Inc.