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MassDOT misses importance of rail in Allston plans

RE “ALLSTON rail plan scrapped for now” (Metro, May 27): It is distressing that the state Department of Transportation has dropped a new Allston commuter rail station from its plans for the reconstruction of the Allston Massachusetts Turnpike interchange. MassDOT has been talking about “mode shift” for a few years now, looking to improve the way for all modes of traffic, but it still seems that the agency only acts on this when pushed.

It’s great to see that improvements remain in the plans for cyclists and pedestrians. But the highway people continually forget that transit is part of its mission. The reality is that cars will be playing less of a role in future transportation, not more. Every move toward making it easier to get downtown in a car, where there is really no place to put more cars, has to be more than balanced by moves to make it easier to get downtown without one.


Jessica Mink