New Englanders quick to look down on Southerners

In her June 8 op-ed “New England Baptists drop ‘Southern,’ keep the faith” Jennifer Graham referred to having Kentucky associated with a product or a religious denomination as a dubious choice that should be discarded. A native Kentuckian, I will always be proud of the stellar education that I received there.

I have lived in the Boston area for more than 45 years, and I never cease to be amazed and disheartened by the self-perceived superiority of a great number of people in New England and their disdain for Southerners. I fear that there will always be free license to look down upon those poor ignorant souls who do not have the intelligence to be born in such an enlightened area.

Case in point: I once had a teaching colleague say to me, “I had no idea you were from the South. You seem so intelligent.” I believe she thought she was paying me a compliment.

Marita O’Daniel Byrne