Paying now for our military misadventures of a decade ago

Stephen Kinzer’s assessment of our military misadventures is spot on (“Iraq delivers bloody lesson on blowback”). Our interventions have “thrown target countries into violent upheaval, but weakened our own security,” while those responsible for these failures attempt to rewrite history in real time.

Our illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq destabilized the country. Saddam Hussein may have been a despot, but there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq prior to the invasion. The current crisis in Iraq is a direct result of our actions following the invasion, when we disbanded the army, unleashing ethnic tensions and a sectarian bloodbath. Now those responsible for this quagmire, such as Dick Cheney, are blaming President Obama for the current situation while ignoring their own culpability.

One can only hope that Obama has learned the mistakes of his predecessor and does not engage our military once again in another misadventure.

Carolyn Casey