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Haven’t we moved beyond defeatism as a fan base?

Please, Dan Shaughnessy, spare us your defeatist prose on the World Cup (“We’ve been watching a whole lot of nothing”). Let’s leave the soccer coverage to John Powers, who understands the nuances and excitement of the game (“Americans leave much to savor in 2-1 exit from the World Cup,” Page A1, July 2).

Soccer is here to stay, and the US team continues to improve on an international stage. Its World Cup run was full of comebacks, late goals, and guts. The national passion and support for this team has been wonderful.

While we’re at it, I’d ask Shaughnessy to give the Red Sox a break. They can’t win the World Series every year. The old woe-is-me negativity is a Boston sports fan legacy that ought to be a thing of the past.

Peter Hedlund