He doesn’t share John Fish’s dream of a Boston Olympics

Like John Fish of Suffolk Construction, with his bid for Boston to host the Olympics (“A dispiriting start, a scintillating rise,” Page A1, June 29), I have big dreams for the future of Boston and its suburbs: affordable housing, good schools for everybody, reliable transportation.

This is a great place to live, and just in the time that I’ve been here, we’ve benefited from big dreams that made the city better: the Big Dig, mess that it was, which knitted together a divided downtown, and the Boston Harbor cleanup.

But money is precious and hard to find, and the idea of throwing it away on a budget-busting Olympic bid, cheer-led by a construction magnate who scoffs at the observation that he’ll just happen to be one of the major beneficiaries, is a betrayal of all the real big dreams that can truly make Boston better.


Let’s, just once, put our foot down about pouring money into the pockets of private citizens in the name of sports.

Sam Bayer