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To be a mecca, Boston needs to draw drivers in

If I lived and worked in Boston or Cambridge, as two Aug. 7 letter writers do (“Navigating a way forward on Commonwealth Ave.”), I too would be unsympathetic to drivers and would promote transportation alternatives. I was born in Boston and worked there my whole career, but, alas, always have commuted from a western suburb.

I love our city and, in retirement, I still manage to drive to it about 40 times a year to patronize concerts, plays, and restaurants and visit doctors. My daughter and son-in-law also love Boston, and reside there, but drive 30 and 20 miles, respectively, to their jobs. None of us would live in the city or visit it regularly if we had to rely on public transportation.

The attraction of Boston as a cultural, medical, and business capital is greatly enhanced by its accessibility to people who drive there.

Martin Quitt