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Boston can be a mecca by rail, too

I agree with Martin Quitt that Boston should be more automobile friendly (“To be a mecca, Boston needs to draw drivers in,” Letters, Aug. 14), but I would like to shorten his last sentence by five words to read: “The attraction of Boston as a cultural, medical, and business capital is greatly enhanced by its accessibility,” leaving off “to people who drive there.”

I am also retired, and I find that the commuter rail and MBTA networks are important contributors to my access to Boston, with stops at areas such as the Theatre District, Symphony Hall, and Kenmore Square (Fenway Park). Enhancements to these public transit properties would be beneficial both to Boston and to the suburban communities.

The T should be encouraged and funded to improve and extend lines — not only the planned Green Line extensions but also an extension of the Blue Line to Lynn, to a connection with the Rockport/Newburyport commuter line. This improvement would offer many communities north of Boston additional convenient high-speed access to the city as well as convenient rapid transit to Logan Airport.


William Kaufman