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Citizens must fight to repel influence of super PAC money

Thank you for calling attention to the outsize role super PAC money is poised to play in the Massachusetts governor’s race (“Follow the money,” Capital, Aug. 29). We urge citizens to demand that their senators and representatives in Congress pursue every avenue to stop the corrupting influence of big money on our political system. Tell them to change the campaign finance laws, reverse recent Supreme Court decisions permitting the unfettered flow of money, and establish public funding of elections to replace private purchasing of elections.

In the 2012 election, 57 per cent of super PAC money came from just 47 individuals, each giving $1 million or more, often much more — an enormous concentration of influence in very few hands.

These “dark money” contributions from undisclosed donors have a pervasive influence on our political system. This money doesn’t just distort the big-name races for president or governor. Outside money has reached down to a city council race in Richmond, Calif.; a judicial election in West Virginia; even a tax referendum to fund a zoo in Columbus, Ohio.

It is past time to return our political system to the people and to banish the outside money.


Anne Borg
Marilyn Peterson
League of Women Voters
of Massachusetts