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    Horse’s owner deserves appreciation, not scorn

    I am dismayed at the Sept. 1 letters (“Death of a carriage horse”) castigating Sally Sutherland over the death of her beloved Freddie. I have known Sally for many years, and have witnessed firsthand the excellent care and love that she lavishes on her animals.

    Horses and other working animals are happiest when they are appropriately active. Do these people also feel that trail riding or hippotherapy with handicapped children is also abusive?

    The writers seem to ignore the statement in the Globe’s original story (“A sad end for stalwart Freddie,” Metro, Aug. 26) that Sutherland had actually rescued Freddie from a previous owner who “drove him hard,” and that she had fostered his rejuvenation. He essentially performed light duty.


    I hope that I am so fortunate to be so loved at the end of my life.

    Patrick Barry