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Regarding the two-year project on the Mass. Pike (“Massachusetts Turnpike becomes road to misery,” Metro, Sept. 1), which will further exacerbate congestion in the Boston University area, I have a modest proposal: As long as the project causes a bottleneck, stop collecting tolls at Allston-Brighton, and open all the lanes.

First, this has at least the potential for reducing total time spent on the Pike by eliminating any (often considerable) delay at the toll plazas, including the frequently inaccessible EZ Pass lanes.

Second, the elimination of the tolls means the Transportation Department does not have to engage in the patently absurd excuse for them — that, because we pay for the privilege of driving on the Pike extension, the department in exchange will provide a faster, smoother, less annoying ride than other, free routes.

Even before this project began, that claim was highly dubious. This latest bottleneck serves only to remove all doubt.


Larry Bloom