Our way of life is what’s at stake in ballot questions

While the question of how and by whom ballot campaigns are waged and financed is indeed interesting, the fact is that all four referendum questions on the November ballot speak directly to the type of quality-of-life issues that will make our Commonwealth prosperous, sustainable, and competitive, or cause us to slip backward (“Ballot question fund-raising is easier for some,” Metro, Sept. 9).

Question 1 asks whether we are willing to pay our fair share for safe and modern transportation infrastructure. Question 2 asks whether we are willing to create the incentives necessary to cleanse our beaches, sidewalks, and parks of the ubiquitous refuse of plastic bottles. Question 3 asks whether we will welcome casinos at a time when they are failing elsewhere, leaving behind blight and addiction. Question 4 asks whether we are ready to join much of the developed world in requiring paid sick time for workers.

How we collectively vote in November will speak volumes about the state of our Commonwealth today and whether that state will remain strong.


Katherine S. Fichter