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letters | activism on climate change draws attention

Even if Bristol DA’s move is political, that just shows how voters have spoken

I am delighted that charges were dropped this month against Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara for blocking a coal shipment to the Brayton Point power plant last year (“Prosecutor drops charges, says protesters were right,” Page A1, Sept. 9). They deserve a medal, not jail time. How many of us are willing to risk prison for our principles? Another hero in my mind is Bristol District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter for expressing so clearly that “climate change is one of the gravest crises our planet has ever faced.”

Media reports mention that Sutter may someday seek higher office, leaving a hint that the district attorney might have been influenced in his decision by politics. I am convinced that he is sincere in his concerns over global warming.

But even if politics were involved, that simply tells us that he has joined a growing list of politicians who are beginning to see an electoral advantage in speaking out about the dangers of global warming.

Hopefully politicians everywhere will get the message.

Don Hnatowich