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Madison Park work highlights new energy at Roxbury Community College

There has been much talk of late about the value of partnering Roxbury Community College and Madison Park Technical Vocational High School through the RoxMAPP initiative. This partnership allows Madison Park students to dual-enroll at RCC to gain college credit while still in high school.

There is a misperception among some that RCC is a “failing institution” (“School panel concerned about Madison Park,” Metro, Sept. 11). While that may have been the case in recent years, we can proudly declare that RCC today is a new RCC, on a new course with new energy and focus. For that reason and many more, it is wise to partner with Madison Park High School at a time in which it needs as much support as possible.

RoxMAPP is not a silver bullet that will turn around Madison Park, but it is giving its students a new pathway to making college and a career that they can be proud of a reality. Already we have introduced students to new learning opportunities and career options that they may never have even known existed. The RoxMAPP partnership is opening doors for deserving students and at the same time is helping RCC reimagine its future as well.


Gerald Chertavian
Board of Trustees
Valerie Roberson
Roxbury Community College