letters | debate stirred over Ferguson grand jury decision

Respect for police and the law should be reinforced

Nancy Gertner (“There will be more Fergusons,” Op-ed, Nov. 25) contends that deficiencies in police training and supervision were behind the “police misconduct” causing the death of Michael Brown. She cited other cases to bolster her thesis, even suggesting in another instance that officers should have aimed at the tires of a fleeing car instead of shooting the driver. The fact that even a Navy SEAL would have a hard time shooting the tires of a speeding car tells me that Gertner is immersed in theory at the expense of practical sense.

Police officers are people, too. They have fears and emotions just like we do. Law school professors, such as Gertner, have hours to make decisions while police sometimes only have seconds.

My parents raised me to be a good citizen, obey the law, and always show police officers courtesy and respect. They didn’t teach this because police are armed. Rather, their primary point was that respect for the law and its officers is what makes our country great.

Michael Brown was a suspect in wrongdoing on that fateful day. Focusing on more police training and supervision would fix little here. Instead, a community initiative that reinforces respect for the law, as well as how to conduct oneself around police officers, would have a much more positive impact in Ferguson, Mo., and the rest of the country.


Richard Angus