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Act 1: We need more women playwrights

Boston’s Company One Theatre has been an area leader in plays by women, such as “The Chronicles of Kalki.”Paul Fox

RE “IN theater world, a call to let women’s voices rise” (Page A1, Dec. 8): As Don Aucoin’s article illustrates, gender parity is a compelling issue that should command the attention of everyone in theater. Ashland New Plays Festival in Ashland, Ore., just completed its 23d season presenting dramatic readings to enthusiastic audiences of four plays. The works were selected from blind readings of hundreds sent us by playwrights around the country. Approximately one in five we received were from women. Not surprisingly, all four winning plays were written by men. Last year, three of four winners were men.

We need more women playwrights to send us their work. That is a critical first step toward change.


James Pagliasotti
Ashland, Ore.

The writer is president of the Ashland New Plays Festival.