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Monday’s Business article “Building to a boom,” about development in the Alewife area of Cambridge, touches on long-term regional issues that will only be solved through collaborative solutions. Incoming regional Route 2 traffic has caused traffic delays for decades. Better access to public transportation and improved traffic signals will help, but there is no easy solution. The city is continuing discussions with regional partners to create a path forward.

Cambridge is fortunate to be a highly desirable community; our goal is to ensure that we remain one into the future. Rising housing costs in the Boston area are a function of an insufficient supply of new housing to meet the economic success of the region. Cambridge’s commitment to providing affordable housing options for residents is unwavering. New Alewife development will bring hundreds of new affordable housing units to Cambridge through the city’s inclusionary housing program.

The city administration continually evaluates our organizational mission, works to improve citizen involvement, and seeks to balance the diverse array of opinions that exist in our community. There is never just one viewpoint in this great city.


Richard C. Rossi
City manager