As a parent and teacher in the Boston Public Schools, I have been saddened to read the recent coverage of the potential Boston Olympics. Boston has not built a single new school in 12 years. One new school, the Dearborn STEM Academy in Roxbury, is planned, at a cost of about $70 million. What does it say that the civic leaders of our city are willing to spend as much as $550 million on a single stadium, which would be removed after its couple weeks of use, yet are unwilling to invest in new schools that could last a century?

For the cost of that one stadium, we could have seven or eight desperately needed state-of-the-art schools.

There is still time to readjust our priorities and our budgets. Why not ask those who are pledging the Olympics money to commit their resources to real, long-term needs, and build some schools? This would create jobs, produce better-educated young people, and make Boston a city that continues to attract investment through the 21st century.

Erik Berg
Jamaica Plain