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Olympic visions throw harsh light on BRA

Dante Ramos is right to point out the bold vision in Boston 2024’s proposal for Dorchester Avenue and the Fort Point Channel (“The brilliance of Olympic Blvd.,” Opinion, Feb. 1). When the Summer Olympics are done, we would be left with a vibrant and beautiful new part of the city. It almost makes the Olympics worth bringing here.

The bigger question is: Why does it take an Olympic committee to develop a bold proposal for the city?

Isn’t it someone’s job to develop bold proposals? Someone like the Boston Redevelopment Authority? Where is the bold vision at the Seaport District? Where is the Newbury Street-style shopping street?

The Seaport was done piecemeal, and consequently what we have there is more like a suburban office park. Maybe we can learn from a mistake. It’d be great if Boston’s new mayor would task the BRA with developing a few bold visions. We are still building this city. Some big opportunities are still here.


Eric Reenstierna