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Keep the Common Olympics-free

The plan to build an Olympic venue on Boston Common is poorly thought-out to a stunning degree. No matter how strong may be the ravening desire for commerce, it cannot be worth destroying aspects of this historic city.

The landmarks of Boston are a national and world treasure. Building an arena on the Common, as proposed, would be irrevocably destructive. Additionally destructive would be bringing hordes of people and the giant mechanisms of media coverage.

Of course, the Olympic planners may follow the routine path: Destroy first and lamely apologize later. But there doesn’t exist an amount of money or media or business attention that can compensate for the destruction of Boston Common.

Consider one more among the numerous reasons to remove this idea from the plan: If centuries-old trees on the Common are destroyed, they cannot be replaced. It’s not possible to buy and plant trees that were walked under by the revolutionaries who fought to bring about the independence and founding of the United States of America.


China Altman