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Until there is a referendum, this will not be ‘Boston’s bid’

Opening ceremonies at Atlanta’s 1996 Summer Games. Barry Chin/Globe Staff/File

I could hear the steam hissing out of my ears as I read yet another story about “Boston’s bid” for the 2024 Olympics (“Finding the story to win the Games,” Page A1, March 15).

It is not Boston’s bid. It is the bid of our shadow government, the Boston 2024 group. This group is negotiating with national and international organizations on behalf of the citizens of Boston, but without our permission. Until a referendum takes place showing that the citizens of this city are firmly in support of this effort, it needs to be put on hold.

Already this folly is diverting our attention from more important issues, such as the mass transit meltdown, sea level rise, the public schools budget crunch, the Long Island shelter disaster, and overly high imprisonment rates of people of color.


The high potentates in Boston 2024 need to stop treating us like consumers. We’re citizens, and this is our city. They want to use public lands, and they want the promise of public funds to backstop their plans. So let’s stop talking about story lines until we find out whether Bostonians actually want to see this story played out.

Diane Simpson