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Your March 22 editorial “Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s voice in the 2016 presidential race” fails to fully acknowledge that her voice is already affecting the presidential race. She is triggering vigorous debate and discussion about widening income and wealth gaps in our country, support for working- and middle-class families, and efforts of the Wall Street banks and other powerful special interests to bend public policies to their benefit.

Senator Warren’s focus on these issues is what makes her so effective. If she were to run for president, her focus would be diluted by her need to formulate and communicate positions on other issues. Furthermore, these positions would undermine the broad coalition she is building on her core issues, because not everyone would agree with them.

Why should Warren change a strategy that’s working so well? Why risk losing the impact she’s having by undertaking a presidential campaign? Your argument that she can’t be effective in the Senate as a member of the minority party seems to be at odds with the significant effect she is having.


John Lippitt