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    letters | an evolving view on gay rights

    Parents of transgender kids want their children to be treated equally

    This month we saw Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito express her commitment to helping gay and lesbian youth in Massachusetts (“Going all in on gay rights”). While we were encouraged by her evolution on marriage equality and her recent support of the Massachusetts Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Youth, we were disappointed, as the parents of transgender children, that her statements of support fell short.

    When Polito said she knows in her heart that parents like us want what she and her husband want for her kids, she was right. We want to know our children can walk into any store, restaurant, or movie theater and be as safe and respected as her children would be. We can’t imagine she disagrees with that; yet she disagrees with supporting a change to the public accommodations law that would make that simple vision a reality. 

    Polito said she and the governor support the current law, which tells our children they only have the right to serve coffee but not to have it served to them with their friends. We know the lieutenant governor wants her children to be safe and successful. We want the same thing for our kids. They have the right to be treated equally, just like everyone else.

    Deborah and Ron Peeples


    This letter was cosigned by Dianne E. and Leon J. Monnin of South Easton, Lorraine C. Horn of Wellesley, Candace Waldron of Rockport, Brooke Nash of Roslindale, Aldebran Longabaugh-Burg and Robert Burg of North Reading, and Carol and Bob Caravana of Lexington.