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letters | delivering on promise over child protection

State’s support for DCF has to be measured in dollars

Thank you for the forceful piece by Joan Vennochi on Charlie Baker’s promise to the children in the Commonwealth’s care. Vennochi hit the nail on the head when she suggested that expressing support for the Department of Children and Families without investing money is in fact no support at all.

While Baker did the right thing by holding DCF harmless in the 9C budget cuts and adding $29 million to the budget for this fiscal year, it is clear that more is needed. The child protection agency shares the same types of underfunding and infrastructure problems as the MBTA. While the effects of the T’s investment woes were laid bare this winter for all to see, the problems with an underfunded DCF remain largely hidden until a vulnerable child is seriously injured or killed.

We hope that Governor Baker will give DCF the tools and resources it needs to ensure that his promise to our children is fulfilled.


Erin G. Bradley
Executive director
Children’s League
of Massachusetts