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RCC president is not the visionary the school needs

RE “FACULTY, students protest at RCC” (Metro, April 3): Roxbury Community College president Valerie Roberson is an example of the power of the purse to diminish the potential of good education. She is a fiscal functionary, not the visionary leader RCC needs to inspire the college and the Roxbury neighborhood.

Everyone at the college and in the local community yearns for RCC’s success. While fiscal responsibility is crucial to the educational endeavour, it should not relegate learning to a column in a balance sheet. Does Roberson truly believe a school’s most precious resources are its faculty and students when she characterizes the current campus climate by observing, “Undoubtedly there are people who are not happy”?


If our education leaders cannot protect the primacy of a healthy learning environment, it falls to faculty and students to raise their voices. In front of our very noses, the essence of education is falling victim to the clutch of commerce. For all who feel, as the protesters at RCC do, that there’s something wrong with this picture, it is past time to join the protest.

Tom Macdonald

The writer is the coordinator of academic technology in the academic technology department at RCC.