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Last month, Boston 2024 rolled out its new 30-member board of directors. In thumbnail descriptions of the 30 members that were printed in the Globe, there were two rather striking omissions.

William “Mo” Cowan is described as a former chief of staff for Governor Deval Patrick, who also served briefly as a US senator. This is all true. But he hasn’t been in the Senate for almost two years. Cowan is now back to Mintz Levin, where he serves as the senior vice president and chief operating officer of the firm’s lobbying practice, ML Strategies. He’s not a public servant anymore; he’s a corporate lobbyist.

The Globe then describes former Boston 2024 president Dan O’Connell as a former state housing secretary. Yes, he was Deval Patrick’s housing secretary until February 2009, but that was six years ago. Today, he’s the president and CEO of the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership, a self-described “public policy group comprised of chief executive officers of some of the Commonwealth’s largest businesses.” They’re open about who they are: a bunch of rich people trying to shape government.


Boston 2024 has not been a model of transparency. The Globe should not join them in keeping information from the public.

Jonathan Cohn