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letters | Olympic-sized ambitions

What if girding for climate change were an Olympic event?

Re “Olympic bid needs bigger ambitions”: Boston 2024’s Olympic bid earns a 3 out of 10 on public benefit. Stadiums and Olympic villages, and even limited MBTA upgrades, will do little to improve our endangered future.

Yet fortunately for the private interests behind Boston 2024, there is a road to profit, respect, AND public good.

We have a huge infrastructure challenge ahead called climate change, or more accurately, climate disruption. As California and the West struggle with ominous drought, New England faces trial by rain, snow, storm, and surge. How we rebuild and refit our coasts, transit, power, water, roads, bridges, harbors, airports, homes, and other buildings will determine our future.

Climate change is an Olympics for keeps. We must act and adapt accordingly.

Michael Charney, Cambridge