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    letters | divesting from fossil fuels

    Common sense leadership by science citadel

    RE: “MIT shifts toward fossil fuel divestment” (Metro, June 18):

    I’m thrilled that MIT has voted in favor of divesting its funds from the coal and oil industries. If MIT wants to maintain its reputation on the forefront of scientific innovation and integrity, it’s clear that it can no longer support the industries which destroy our planet and promote climate denial and pseudo-science. MIT must accept what scientists have known for decades: Humans are causing climate change by burning fossil fuels. For the sake of its integrity as a beacon of science, MIT must shift its assets out of fossil fuels.

    An important point that the article missed, however, is that in addition to preserving MIT’s reputation, divestment is also in the institution’s best interest financially. As renewable industries boom and fossil fuels inevitably decline in value, any institution’s continued investment in fossil fuels is a losing bet. Not only is divestment a crucial step in MIT’s mission, but it’s an important step in assuring its financial viability in our rapidly changing world. I’m looking forward to seeing other Boston institutions follow suit.

    Sarah Lotter