Welfare reform is an attack on women

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RE "Clinton in New Hampshire" (Editorial, Jan. 25) and "Women may play crucial N.H. role" (Metro, Page B1, Jan. 25): Over the years, I've heard Hillary say many things that I as a progressive loved, but she has also supported policies that overshadow any progressive — or feminist — pretensions. Everyone knows about her vote for the Iraq war and her support for repeal of Glass-Steagal. Those were not "pragmatic" attempts to achieve progressive goals. They were the opposite.

But the Bill-Hillary policy I can't get over is their so-called welfare reform, an unforgivable attack on women and their children from a self-styled feminist and supporter of children's rights that Hillary still defends. To me, the welfare issue is personal: I grew up on welfare. The Clinton "reforms" threw thousands of women like my mother off the rolls. They are touted as a success because there are now fewer welfare recipients, but that really means there are many families who are being denied what they need and deserve. Poor mothers now face almost insurmountable obstacles to getting and staying on public support. I can't vote for someone whose policies so disrespect my mother and families like ours.


David Holmstrom