With Trump, the US cedes leadership in R&D

Re “Trump shouldn’t slash R&D funding,” Opinion, July 7: I can only concur with the view of the writer that a slash in funds for R&D by the government would be not only a mistake but a national disaster. Now, with CEOs in industry seeking to increase the bottom line and be rewarded in their overall compensation, long-term research and development essentially has been eliminated, with a resultant decrease in funds previously devoted to that effort.

Examining a number of scientific journals, it’s clear that the effect of less funding has already been realized, as scientists in other nations, including those studying in the United States, have increased dramatically their number of publications while ours have remained stagnant. Our former preeminence in science in the latter part of the 20th century was built by liberal funding and gave us notable commercial products. That day is now gone.

Nelson Marans

New York, N.Y.