While I’ve been reading Jeff Jacoby on and off for years, and have come to respect and agree with his opinions on numerous occasions, when it comes to Israel he seems to have a blind spot (“At the UN, a brilliant first year for Haley,” Ideas, Dec. 24). The moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is counterproductive to the peace process. Nikki Haley’s comment that the United States will be “taking names” of those countries that don’t subscribe is an international embarrassment, ludicrous, and are the words of a bully, certainly not in the same category as Adlai Stevenson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and Jeane Kirkpatrick, to whom he compares Haley. Jacoby writes that the best UN ambassadors have always known “the job calls for the vigorous defense of moral truth.” When most nations see the move as an unnecessary provocation, framing it as UN anti-Israeli bias, as the ambassador does, reiterates how vested interests trump perspective and good judgement.

Jack Neiman